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Navigating the building:

Sign in with the front desk. They may ask to see an ID to verify.


Please ask for the spare key for unit 16E. Do not forget to return the key before you leave.


When letting noodles out, exit right out of the elevator and proceed through the door. Dogs must enter and leave through the loading dock.


There is a trash bin for dog waste at the end of the loading dock ramp.


To re-enter, press the door bell outside of the loading dock door.




Important Noodles Information:

Noodles is a FRIENDLY dog with a big dog bark. This can be scary to unsuspecting dogs and people on the sidewalks and lobby.


He will bark typically when you enter the apartment and when you leave.


Noodles will pull and pull hard during walks. He’s got a lot of energy.



Home Rules for Noodles:

Do not let him eat anything other than the listed below.

He is not allowed on the couch

The AC is on an auto timer. Please do not adjust.



Food and treats:

Food is located near his bowls. He receives two scoops at breakfast and dinner. The scoop is in the bag.


Noodles is allowed treats from the doorman.


Every time you leave, please give him 4-5 cheerios from the small treat jar. Before you leave for the last time each day please give him two treats from the medium jar.




Schedule: (This is at a minimum, feel free to come and go as you like)

Monday & Tuesday

Early breakfast. He will need a walk and bathroom break after he eats.


2pm. Walk and bathroom break


7pm. Dinner. Bathroom break and play.  He does not need to be penned up. He can free roam. 



Early breakfast. He will need a walk and bathroom break after he eats.


11am. Walk and bathroom break (I won’t be home until very late. Please try not to start this much earlier than 11am) When you leave this time, please give him a bully stick from the large jar.




Thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate you and everything you do a lot! I will be busy, but if you need anything feel from to message me on wag or instagram. (link is available on this website)

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