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Leikyn Bravo is a skillful singer, versatile songwriter, an experienced actress, and an all-around musician.

In addition, she is a graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor degree in Songwriting. She has her Master of Science in Management from the University of Illinois. Her passion for world cultures and travel has allowed her to share live music in 50 countries across six continents. Leikyn has been featured in articles and radio shows for NY Weekly's 30 Under 30, the Chicago Tribune, LA Wire, and more. Her original songs have aired over several radio stations and she is listed as an actress and composer for several official IMDb productions.

Leikyn stepped out for the first time as a solo artist in 2021. Her debut album, "Songs You'll Never Hear" was streamed in 147 countries and amounted 100,000+ streams on Spotify alone. After the success of "Songs You'll Never Hear", Leikyn embarked on her first national tour and headlined venues such as The Viper Room and others across the United States.


This year, Leikyn is releasing 3 new singles along with the possibility of a bonus fourth. She also believes "only you can define your success and only you can create it". You can listen to her new music here.

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